Guillermo Ponce

Guillermo Ponce, Senior Vice President Central & South America, Liberty Latin America

Senior Vice President, South-Central Markets
Liberty Latin America

Guillermo A. Ponce Miguel stands as a luminary in the telecommunications sphere, boasting an illustrious career that spans over three decades. With a robust foundation in Industrial Engineering and an MBA to his name, Guillermo’s trajectory has seen him ascend to pivotal executive roles, culminating in over a decade of leadership as a CEO in Chile, before expanding his purview across the Central and South America region. His expertise encompasses a broad spectrum of responsibilities including general management, sales, and operations, enhanced by a profound commitment to nurturing highly motivated teams aimed at achieving ambitious objectives.

In his current role as Senior Vice President, South-Central Markets for Liberty Latin America, Guillermo plays a critical role in steering the company’s operations in Costa Rica and guiding broader business development efforts across Central and South America. His responsibilities extend beyond management to the exploration and cultivation of new business opportunities throughout the region, demonstrating an unwavering dedication to growth and innovation in the telecommunications domain.

Previously, as the General Manager of VTR, a key asset within the Liberty Latin America group, Guillermo’s leadership was instrumental in propelling the company to unprecedented heights. Under his guidance, VTR witnessed remarkable growth, securing a dominant position in television and broadband services in Chile. His tenure was characterized by significant achievements including a consistent revenue increase, an elevated EBITDA margin, and a commanding market share in broadband internet and video services. Guillermo’s strategic foresight and dedication to excellence not only positioned VTR as a flagship operation within the Liberty group but also facilitated one of the largest corporate bond placements in Chilean history, underscored by its recognition as a Great Place to Work. Guillermo A. Ponce Miguel is not just a figure of professional success but a visionary, whose contributions have indelibly shaped the telecommunications landscape in Latin America.

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