Edward D. Breen Technical Archives

An evolution of equipment.


What started with a single off-air antenna transmitting one or two channels is now a service that delivers seemingly endless channels of entertainment and information to millions of consumers.

Between that single antenna and the satellite, there were a lot of different types of equipment, prototypes, tools, and products. Examples of many of these are held here at The Cable Center in the Edward D. Breen Technical Archives.

You might find a coffee can amplifier or a signal processor, or remote controls of every generation. Amplifiers, set-top boxes, and weatherscans also have homes here. These are just a few of more than 2,500 pieces of equipment that exhibit the history of the cable industry from 1950s transistors to the fiber optics of today.

This one-of-a-kind archive is an exhibit of objects that tell the story of how the cable industry adapted, changed, and progressed into what it is today.

Edward D. Breen Technical

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Coffee Can Amplifier

Full Service Network Giant Remote

Jerrold Model 704 Field Strength Meter

Anixter Laser Link

QUBE Set-Top Box

Telemation Weather Station

Time Warner Cable Motorola Roadrunner Cable Modem

1960s TV with Meters

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This collection is made possible by generous donations from individuals, vendors, manufacturers, operators, engineers and industry pioneers.

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