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Empowering the next generation of leaders.

Our vision for launching a new era.

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At Syndeo Institute at The Cable Center, we come together to exchange ideas and pave the way forward. We’re a modern hub for leadership development, education, and collaboration that happens at our headquarters, online in our virtual classrooms, and within your organization. Here, we inspire the next generation, empower intrapreneurs, and celebrate leaders.

A Message From Our CEO

A Message From Diane Christman
President and CEO

I’m excited to introduce: Syndeo Institute at The Cable Center. Syndeo is the Greek translation of the word connect and our new brand is an extension of what we do to create a spark between people and ideas.

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Bridging an entrepreneurial past to an intrapreneurial future.

We inspire the next generation of leaders and thinkers with our rich industry history and the stories of the groundbreakers and disruptors who came before us. The vision and grit of our industry’s original entrepreneurs drives the intrapreneurs of tomorrow, motivating us to continue pushing the boundaries, sharing ideas, and accelerating innovation to shape what’s next.

Developing a new workforce to innovate from the inside.

We empower a new workforce of intrapreneurs—leaders who create value within their organizations, disrupt with confidence, and find opportunity in change. Companies large and small in the connectivity, media, entertainment, and technology industries send us their best individuals and teams to get even better. Our instructors are at the top of their game, teaching go-getters to be intrapreneurs through immersive courses and programs in innovation and intrapreneurship, leadership agility, and customer experience.

Elevating thought leaders who help pave the way forward.

We celebrate the trailblazers whose impact can be felt around the world. We recognize their impact, influence, and accomplishments and amplify their legacy to our community and beyond. We invite them to collaborate with us, sharing their thought leadership and emboldening the next generation of leaders and intrapreneurs.

Enabling the next generation of leaders to shape what’s next.

At Syndeo Institute, we’re launching a new era—building and engaging top leaders that will keep your organization on the front lines of innovation. We celebrate and learn from the experts, past and present, inspiring the thought leadership and intrapreneurship that will advance and invent the future. Syndeo Institute is the catalyst for those who are determined to not only prepare for the future, but to design it.

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    Gibbs Jones

    C5 Emeritus
    Owner (Spartanburg)

    ARCpoint Labs

    Gibbs is a customer experience executive with over 25 years of customer experience leadership and expertise in the design, optimization and implementation of customer contact operations. Gibbs has combined skill in the human and technology side of customer contact operations, including the procurement and installation of ACD equipment, workforce management and CRM systems. He has directed the start-up of multiple customer contact operations, with industry expertise in consumer electronics, communications, retail, manufacturing, financial services, banking, and direct sales.

    Gibbs has over ten years experience in the Cable Industry. Most recently Gibbs was the Senior Vice President of Customer Experience for Suddenlink Communications. Gibbs worked with Suddenlink’s six regional senior vice presidents and the managers of its customer-contact call centers in Arizona, Missouri, North Carolina, Texas and West Virginia to measure and improve Customer Satisfaction through transactional and relationship Net Promoter Programs and JD Power Research Studies.

    Gibbs was also responsible for the company’s social media strategy where he made sure Suddenlink was active in the major social networking channels and found new ways to improve customer loyalty in this space.

    Currently Gibbs owns two ARCpoint Labs locations. ARCpoint is a leader in the B to C and B to B drug and alcohol testing industry. Additionally, Gibbs has a consulting practice that helps companies improve their customer experience.

    Gibbs is a Certified Net Promoter® Associate and has been a speaker at various conferences and is frequently called upon to discuss considerations related to measuring and improving the customer experience, exceptional contact center management, and optimizing the employee experience.


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