Collections, Exhibits, and Virtual Tours

You can experience almost everything we offer at the Barco Library from the comfort of your home or office. The virtual tours and exhibits below are available to view online.

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Cable History Timeline Narrative

The Cable History Timeline Narrative is a comprehensive exhibit documenting the cable industry’s evolution from the community antennae television of the 1940s through decades of progress, technological advances, and major cultural impacts. Cable and connectivity have, quite plainly, changed the world, and this exhibit navigates the timeline of that change.

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Development of DOCSIS

It was cable industry pioneers who figured out that the cable modem held the answers to solving the problem of extremely slow dial-up internet. This story is all about the development of the cable modem—and DOCSIS, its underlying software program—and how this innovation completely changed how we use the internet while completing the bridge between cable telecommunications and digital networking.

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Virtual Reality Exhibit

Put on your VR headset and step into our Virtual Reality exhibit. You’re able to experience the exhibit just as if you were in the building, picking up artifacts, entering all of the various rooms, and learning about our industry’s journey. Forty items have been selected for this immersive exhibit that represents the rich history of advancements in cable and connectivity. By adding a VR option to this exhibit, a global audience can take part in the tour. If you don’t have a VR headset, you can still view the exhibit in two dimensions via the website.

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Virtual Reality Tour

Visit our building without ever walking in the doors. Our virtual reality facility tour brings The Cable Center to you. This easy-to-navigate building tour is available via your VR headset or in two dimensions on our website.

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