Hauser Oral History Project

Stories from the industry’s entrepreneurs—in their own words.


Sometimes the best way to learn history is directly from the people who lived it. Enter the Hauser Oral History project.

This growing collection includes more than 400 remarkable stories from the cable operators, programmers, engineers, financiers, and content creators who were the architects of the connectivity and content industry and continue to inspire its future.

We’ve spent decades gathering the video and audio stories of these visionaries and leaders whose personal anecdotes and experiences add a new dimension to our history. This is the only collection of its kind and new stories are added every year.

Kristin Dolan

Made possible by Gus Hauser.

The Hauser Oral History project was funded by a $1 million gift from Gustave M. Hauser, a longtime cable executive and the original President of Warner Cable. A dedicated philanthropist, he had a passion for preserving the stories of the evolution of the cable industry. This project honors that passion.

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