From employees to intrapreneurs.

At Intrapreneurship Academy, we empower employees to act like entrepreneurs within their organizations—taking risks, adapting to change, creating value, and driving revenue. Enter the intrapreneurs: confident, cutting-edge leaders with the determination to innovate and impact change at work. Intrapreneurs are your strongest asset, ensuring your organization is competitive and on the front lines of innovation.


of transformative innovations are conceived, developed, and commercialized by employees working within large companies. (Forbes)

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Intrapreneurship Academy focuses on teaching key intrapreneurial competencies, delivered in multiple formats to effectively scale knowledge and vocabulary throughout your organization.

The most effective intrapreneurs share capabilities that go beyond competencies in their areas of expertise. These skills and mindsets, applicable across all roles, are what set intrapreneurs apart from their peers.

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It's not just leadership; it’s intrapreneurship

Intrapreneurship Academy cultivates the skills, capabilities, and mindsets that allow employees to become strong intrapreneurial leaders.

Intrapreneurship Academy is built around the belief that employees who act as entrepreneurs within their organizations will provide outsized organizational value because they:


of executives say their employees are their most important partners in innovation. (PwC)

Add value to the organization’s bottom line

Are highly engaged and possess an ownership mentality

Leverage existing resources to create new solutions that add value

Lead confidently, collaborate effectively, and deliver results

Turn unplanned change into unexpected opportunities

Inspire talent and influence culture


Give your leaders the tools, then watch them transform.

Your organization wants leaders who:
Create agility practice
Find opportunity in times of change
Intentionally grow their network of resources
Seek opportunities for continuous improvement
Reduce costs or drive new revenue
Adopt a problem-solving lens
Practice strengths-based leadership
Navigate corporate dynamics

Rising stars start here.


From 8-week immersive courses to Masterclasses, webinars, and online self-paced Sprints, Intrapreneurship Academy provides a variety of learning experiences focused on intrapreneurial skill building, designed to meet your organization’s needs.

The backbone of our programming is our four 8-week virtual courses, each providing a deep dive into one of the key elements of intrapreneurship – innovation, agility, and leadership.

For any of the four courses, participants can join either a spring or fall cohort comprised of participants from a variety of organizations and functions or schedule a custom company-specific cohort.

Our course offerings include:


This course equips your high performers with the framework and mindset to drive continuous improvement and innovation.


Your leaders will develop competencies to:

  • Adopt a problem-solving lens using a lean startup framework
  • Seek opportunities for innovation and continuous improvement
  • Create solutions that reduce costs or drive new revenue
  • Influence change by building consensus and advocates
  • Sell ideas through business storytelling
  • Mitigate innovation risks using a scientific method of independently testing variables


This course is where rising leaders get the skills to move into the next levels of management while exhibiting effective, confident leadership.


Your leaders will develop competencies to:

  • Exhibit strengths-based leadership
  • Clarify vision, values, and purpose
  • Manage professional brands and outward perceptions
  • Self-advocate
  • Navigate corporate dynamics and manage up
  • Incorporate feedback—both give and receive


This course empowers leaders to adapt, innovate, and thrive, demonstrating agility in times of ongoing change.


Your leaders will develop competencies to:

  • Find opportunity in change
  • Create a culture of agility
  • Exhibit resilience, resourcefulness, and responsiveness
  • Reflect on past decisions to improve future responses
  • Improve agility practice
  • Intentionally grow a network of resources


This course empowers your company’s leaders to cultivate the skills and mindset needed to confidently navigate the changes AI is bringing to your roles.


Your leaders will develop competencies to:

  • Provide a baseline understanding of Artificial Intelligence
  • Develop a toolkit to lead your team through changes as AI becomes more prevalent in all that we do
  • Enhance critical thinking in the AI space
  • Influence change by building consensus and building advocates for intrapreneurship using AI
  • Navigate responsible AI principles and its impacts on DEI
  • Mitigate innovation risks by understanding how the technology is used today and how it projected to transform our work in the future
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Return on Intrapreneurship

70 %

of participants believe that Intrapreneurship Academy created value for their company

70 %

of participants learned new skills or tools

60 %

of participants believe that being part of Intrapreneurship Academy increased their visibility and network within their company

70 %

of participants will be able to apply what they learned in their role

70 %

of participants believe Intrapreneurship Academy was a good experience

Our 2023 Intrapreneurship Academy Sponsor

The time to start innovating is now.

Enroll your leaders or teams in an upcoming Intrapreneurship Academy course here.

Gibbs Jones

C5 Emeritus
Owner (Spartanburg)

ARCpoint Labs

Gibbs is a customer experience executive with over 25 years of customer experience leadership and expertise in the design, optimization and implementation of customer contact operations. Gibbs has combined skill in the human and technology side of customer contact operations, including the procurement and installation of ACD equipment, workforce management and CRM systems. He has directed the start-up of multiple customer contact operations, with industry expertise in consumer electronics, communications, retail, manufacturing, financial services, banking, and direct sales.

Gibbs has over ten years experience in the Cable Industry. Most recently Gibbs was the Senior Vice President of Customer Experience for Suddenlink Communications. Gibbs worked with Suddenlink’s six regional senior vice presidents and the managers of its customer-contact call centers in Arizona, Missouri, North Carolina, Texas and West Virginia to measure and improve Customer Satisfaction through transactional and relationship Net Promoter Programs and JD Power Research Studies.

Gibbs was also responsible for the company’s social media strategy where he made sure Suddenlink was active in the major social networking channels and found new ways to improve customer loyalty in this space.

Currently Gibbs owns two ARCpoint Labs locations. ARCpoint is a leader in the B to C and B to B drug and alcohol testing industry. Additionally, Gibbs has a consulting practice that helps companies improve their customer experience.

Gibbs is a Certified Net Promoter® Associate and has been a speaker at various conferences and is frequently called upon to discuss considerations related to measuring and improving the customer experience, exceptional contact center management, and optimizing the employee experience.


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