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September 28, 2023

Strengthening Organizational Capacity

In this video, Syndeo Institute’s Camilla Formica sits down with Patricia Jo Boyers, President and CEO of Boycom, to discuss...

Patricia Jo Boyers, President & CEO, Boycom and Camilla Formica, Chief Program Officer, Syndeo Institute at The Cable Center

September 20, 2023

Leadership Agility as a Business Imperative

The ability to quickly change direction and respond to varying tempos enables organizations to hold—and gain—ground. In this video, President...

Frannie Mathews, President and CEO, Colorado Technology Association (CTA)

August 30, 2023

How to Sustain a Culture of Innovation

Leadership and culture are essential to any technical team. Often the focus of technical teams is transactional in nature. This...

Shane Portfolio SVP, Network Engineering and Technology, Charter

August 23, 2023

Leveraging AI – 3 Things You Need to Know Today Webinar

As AI continues to shape the future of technology and society, it’s crucial for leaders to have a working knowledge...

Mackenzie Roebuck-Walsh and Susie Tomenchok, Intrapreneurship Academy Facilitators, Syndeo Institute at The Cable Center

July 19, 2023

An Ownership Mentality Enables Internal Innovation

Diane Christman’s three questions with Eric Burton. Why is employee feedback important for supporting innovation? When Comcast aligned the business to...

Eric Burton, SVP, Tools and Technology, Comcast

July 13, 2023

Spark Customer Experience Innovation

Diane Christman’s three questions with Suzanne C. Foy. What behaviors and mindsets do internal innovators share? Successful innovation starts with having as...

By Suzanne Castano Foy, VP Customer Experience Operations – Strategy & Process, Cox Communications

June 14, 2023

Trust Is Key to Building a Culture of Innovation

Trust is hard to define. It’s even harder to build. As humans, we all instinctively know when trust is there, and...

By Wenny Katzenstein Managing Director, Deloitte Consulting and Emily Werner Senior Manager, Deloitte Digital

May 22, 2023

Collaborating Across Geographies and Cultures

At Comcast Technology Solutions (CTA), our mission is to connect Comcast technology to the world, including content companies, MVPDs, and...

By Ken Klaer EVP, Comcast Cable and President, Comcast Technology Solutions

April 21, 2023

The New ROI: Return On Intrapreneurship

Innovation is at the Heart of Most Companies. No matter how successful we already are, we all work to encourage...

By Yvette Kanouff, Partner, JC2 Ventures

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