Future-proof your leaders.

Personalized, flexible learning for modern schedules.

Our learner-centric model enables people across your organization to engage across four Tracks designed to help professionals navigate in the new world of work.

The diversified delivery formats—from interactive Courses, Masterclasses, Webinars, to self-paced Sprints—accommodate a wide range of learning styles. Our model reduces learning cycles and time to completion and enables efficient time management between business responsibilities and learning activities.

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Learners progress at their own pace, become empowered through new skills and knowledge, and can kick-start an intrapreneurial mindset at every level.

The ability to create a custom learning journey with virtual Courses, in-person workshops, and interactive learning opportunities will scale key intrapreneurial concepts starting with learners and cascading across teams. This facilitates the widespread understanding and adoption of intrapreneurial concepts, fostering a culture of learning, innovation, and growth within the organization.


of organizations that embed a learning culture are more likely to innovate.

— Deloitte

Explore our Tracks.


This Track equips your high performers with the framework and mindset to drive continuous improvement and innovation.

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This Track empowers leaders to adapt, innovate, and thrive, demonstrating agility in times of ongoing and unplanned change.

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This Track, comprised of three Courses, is where rising leaders get the skills to move into the next levels of management while exhibiting effective, confident leadership.

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This Track empowers your company’s leaders to cultivate the skills and mindset needed to confidently navigate the changes AI is bringing.

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Customize an Intrapreneurship Academy learning journey for your team.

Customize an Intrapreneurship Academy learning journey for your team. Enroll your leaders or teams for an upcoming Course, register for a Sprint, or download our brochure and Course catalog here.

Questions? Contact IA@syndeoinstitute.org

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