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Syndeo Institute at The Cable Center brings leaders together to exchange ideas, accelerate innovation, and pave the way forward.

Our 2023 Intrapreneurship & Innovation Report explores the intersection of people and knowledge. Here, you’ll learn how to spark new ideas and spur innovation from inside your organization. From the agile mindset to the synergy effect, you’ll learn the latest from workforce experts.

This year’s edition features exclusive commentary, video interviews, and perspectives from 21 thought leaders across the connectivity, media, entertainment, and technology industries.

A special thanks to these visionaries and changemakers who contributed their valuable and relevant insights to our 2023 Intrapreneurship & Innovation Report. The exchange of ideas to advance the connectivity industry is the very essence of Syndeo Institute.

Contributors, in order of appearance:

  • Diane Christman, President and CEO, Syndeo Institute
  • Mike Fries, CEO and Vice Chairman, Liberty Global
  • Teresa Elder, CEO, WOW!
  • Mark Greatrex, President, Cox Communications
  • Michael Powell, President and CEO, NCTA
  • Chris Winfrey, President and CEO, Charter
  • Frannie Matthews, President and CEO, Colorado Technology Association
  • Patty Boyers, President and CEO, Boycom
  • Frank van der Post, President, Breezeline
  • C2HR
  • Suzanne Castano Foy, VP, Customer Experience Operations – Strategy & Process, Cox Communications
  • Eric Burton, SVP, Tools and Technology, Comcast
  • Wenny Katzenstein, Managing Director, Deloitte Consulting
  • Emily Werner, Senior Manager, Deloitte Digital
  • Shane Portfolio, SVP, Network Engineering and Technology, Charter
  • Ken Klaer, EVP, Comcast Cable, President, Comcast Technology Solutions
  • Yvette Kanouff, Partner, JC2 Ventures
  • Camilla Formica, Chief Program Officer, Syndeo Institute
  • Kristin Crockett, Intrapreneurship Academy Course Facilitator, Syndeo Institute
  • Melissa Schneider, Intrapreneurship Academy Course Facilitator, Syndeo Institute
  • Susie Tomenchok, Intrapreneurship Academy Course Facilitator, Syndeo Institute
Content AreaContributor
IntroductionDiane Christman, President & CEO, The Cable Center and Intrapreneurship Academy
Industry ForewordKen Klaer, EVP & President, Comcast Technology Solutions
Innovation invests in people and process.C2HR, in partnership with The Cable Center
Martha Soehren, Ph.D., Former Chief Talent Development Officer, Comcast; Executive Talent & Development Advisor
Innovation enables the democratization of information.Dr. Simone Ahuja, Author, Disrupt-It-Yourself; Founder, Blood Orange
Innovation supports workforce agility.Dr. Pamela Meyer, Author, The Agility Shift and developer of The Agility Shift Inventory™
Diana Monk, VP Learning Solutions, Charter Communications
Innovation builds a blueprint for the future.Alan Breznick, Cable/Video Practice Leader, Light Reading
Jeff Baumgartner, Senior Editor, Light Reading
Building Blocks of Innovation: Employee ExperienceMichelle Ray, Executive Director, The Walter Kaitz Foundation
Amy Blair, SVP & Chief People Officer, Liberty Global
Building Blocks of Innovation: Customer ExperienceDr. Charles Patti, Senior Fellow, The Cable Center
Dr. Ron Rizzuto, Senior Fellow, The Cable Center
Dr. Maria van Dessel, Senior Fellow, The Cable Center
Liz Bauer, Chief Marketing & Customer Officer, CSG
Building Blocks of Innovation: PartnershipsChris Lammers, COO Emeritus & Senior Executive Advisor, CableLabs
Building Blocks of Innovation: Broader MindsetHans Balmaekers, Chief, Innov8rs
Allyson Crawford, VP Talent Management at WOW!
Innovation exists within your organization.Janice Silver, VP Intrapreneurship Academy, The Cable Center

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