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About Syndeo Institute at The Cable Center

Syndeo Institute is a nonprofit discovery, education, and collaboration hub where current and future leaders come together to exchange ideas and pave the way forward. Through applied learning courses, immersive events, thought leadership, and educational programs, we enable individuals and teams to learn from the experts and each other. We transform employees into intrapreneurs—leaders who create value within their organization, disrupt with confidence, and find opportunity in change. We celebrate industry trailblazers, recognizing their success, influence, and accomplishments and amplifying their legacy to our community and beyond. At Syndeo Institute, we inspire the next generation of leaders and intrapreneurs to shape what’s next.

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Team Spotlight

Diane Christman

President and CEO

I am so proud of the work that we are doing. Syndeo Institute at The Cable Center aims to be the catalyst for those who are determined to prepare for the future and design it. I love that we inspire and shape the industry’s rising leaders while safeguarding its legacy. Our work is essential and it’s a privilege to lead the charge alongside an incredible team.
Camilla Formica

Chief Program Officer

I love the people that I work with at Syndeo Institute at The Cable Center. The team cares about the people we serve, the mission, and each other. I love how excited everyone is about bringing our new vision to life and creating an impact on the industry. It is really contagious to be around the energy that is happening at Syndeo Institute.

Gregg J. Scott

Chief Financial Officer

I love being a part of the Syndeo Institute team and carrying out our mission and programs. It’s also a pleasure to keep care of our beautiful historic building.

Susie Tomenchok

Chief Business Officer

I love speaking to individuals and teams about incorporating negotiation strategies to become better professionals and humans. At Syndeo Institute, the people are passionate and investing in the mission of the organization. They believe that the company’s success is an outcome of the efforts of the collective team.

Angela Barnett

Assistant Manager of Events

Coming from a retail property management background, events have always been the highlight throughout my career. I truly value the collaboration and involvement of bringing clients events to life through their imagination.

Veronica Java-Nishida

Manager of Events

My favorite part about working at Syndeo Institute at The Cable Center has been hosting events for our industry partners and meeting wonderful people from different organizations. The Cable Center is a beautiful building to bring groups together from near and far! 

Brian Kenny

Director of Barco Library

At the Barco Library, I love helping people with their research projects.

David Kern Jr.

Director of Operations

My favorite thing about working at Syndeo Institute is having a variety of responsibilities that make each day exciting and different.

Geneva Rodriguez

Marketing Manager

I enjoy finding creative ways to connect and engage with the communities we serve through digital media and communications. It’s exciting to be part of the Syndeo Institute team that’s paving a new path for the future of our industry and its workforce.

Janice Silver

VP of Intrapreneurship Academy Programs

Developing and growing Syndeo Institute’s Intrapreneurship Academy has been the highlight of my career. I am proud to contribute to seeding the industry with innovative, bold, agile, and creative future leaders.

Becky Woods

Project and Executive Manager

I love so many things about Syndeo Institute, but how we continually bridge the past, present, and future of the industry through the Barco Library, our events, and programs is very special.

Mary Yacovetta

Programs and Special Projects Manager

I love working with a collaborative team, our flex schedules, and the fact that I have a great degree of control and freedom within my job.

Gibbs Jones

C5 Emeritus
Owner (Spartanburg)

ARCpoint Labs

Gibbs is a customer experience executive with over 25 years of customer experience leadership and expertise in the design, optimization and implementation of customer contact operations. Gibbs has combined skill in the human and technology side of customer contact operations, including the procurement and installation of ACD equipment, workforce management and CRM systems. He has directed the start-up of multiple customer contact operations, with industry expertise in consumer electronics, communications, retail, manufacturing, financial services, banking, and direct sales.

Gibbs has over ten years experience in the Cable Industry. Most recently Gibbs was the Senior Vice President of Customer Experience for Suddenlink Communications. Gibbs worked with Suddenlink’s six regional senior vice presidents and the managers of its customer-contact call centers in Arizona, Missouri, North Carolina, Texas and West Virginia to measure and improve Customer Satisfaction through transactional and relationship Net Promoter Programs and JD Power Research Studies.

Gibbs was also responsible for the company’s social media strategy where he made sure Suddenlink was active in the major social networking channels and found new ways to improve customer loyalty in this space.

Currently Gibbs owns two ARCpoint Labs locations. ARCpoint is a leader in the B to C and B to B drug and alcohol testing industry. Additionally, Gibbs has a consulting practice that helps companies improve their customer experience.

Gibbs is a Certified Net Promoter® Associate and has been a speaker at various conferences and is frequently called upon to discuss considerations related to measuring and improving the customer experience, exceptional contact center management, and optimizing the employee experience.


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