In a fast-changing environment, nimble leaders go further. Strong leaders know how to plan for success, but it’s another challenge entirely to be prepared for the unexpected—and to be able to spot and harness the opportunity it presents. The Leading with Agility Track, comprised of three Courses, provides a framework for assessing the unexpected, acknowledging the limitations of planning, and leveraging the wisdom of preparing instead. The methodologies taught give leaders the tools to build an agility practice for themselves and their teams.

The highly interactive Courses teach new and established leaders the why, how, and what of turning unplanned change into unexpected opportunity. Each participant starts with an agility assessment to benchmark where they are so they can build a personalized journey of where they want to go. Learners emerge from Leading with Agility prepared to build their team members into responsive, quick thinkers who anticipate and welcome change.

Increased success in navigating change is a key driver when choosing training opportunities.
– Intrapreneurship Academy and C2HR 2022 HR Employee Engagement Survey

Who Should Take These Courses:

Empower your existing and emerging leaders to adapt, innovate, and thrive by demonstrating agility in times of ongoing change.

Your leaders will develop competencies to:

  • Find opportunity in change
  • Create a culture of agility
  • Exhibit resilience, resourcefulness, and responsiveness
  • Reflect on past decisions to improve future responses
  • Improve agility practice
  • Intentionally grow a network of resources

Course Details

Three Courses, each comprised of three 105-minute virtual sessions

Course Class Size: Up to 25 individuals

Course Tuition: $1,750 per Course

The Agility COMPASS

We live in times where the norm is unplanned change. In this Course, you will learn to utilize the elements of the Agility COMPASS: Culture, Optimize Connections, Means, Prioritization, Articulate, Study, and Shift, to assess the unexpected, optimize your responses, and capitalize on the opportunities in change.

2024 Dates

Spring 2024: May 8, May 15, May 22
Fall 2024: Sept. 11, Sept. 18, Sept. 25

Thriving in Times of VUCA

In this interactive Course, you’ll learn how to respond to unplanned change through the lens of VUCA, an acronym that stands for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity. We’ll review each of these types of unplanned change, along with strategies to use to respond effectively, and explore the skills needed to facilitate the best business outcomes.

2024 Dates

Spring 2024: June 5, June 12, June 19
Fall 2024: Oct. 9, Oct. 16, Oct. 23

Creating a Culture of Agility

For an organization to be agile and operate well in times of unplanned change, they need a foundation that includes an agile culture. In this Course, we will look at how to create a culture of agility along the dimensions of people, processes, and impact, developing a personalized culture kit that will help you establish and implement this foundational element of agility.

2024 Dates

Spring 2024: July 10, July 17, July 24
Fall 2024: Nov. 6, Nov. 13, Nov. 20

Meet Melissa Schneider

Leading with Agility Leader
  • Talented speaker
  • Impactful communications and development coach
  • Former HBO sales executive with 20+ years of nonprofit, corporate, and media experience
  • Heart-led connector of people
  • Dedicated to helping individuals and teams find authentic voices, elevate their productivity, and improve the world through effective and confident communication
  • Live music fanatic who can be found at 50+ shows a year, including Red Rocks all summer long
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I'm now analyzing my team from a different perspective. We're reviewing our strengths, working on areas of opportunity, and seeing what changes we can make and different strategies we can employ.

Vice President, Learning and Development, Mediacom
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Leading with Agility gave our team the opportunity to reflect on how we are working today and how we could improve in the future. It provided us a framework to work more efficiently and effectively with real measures of success.

Vice President Global Marketing, CRM & Workplace Design, Comcast
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This Course opened my mind to a totally different way of thinking and reacting to situations, as well as reflecting on past achievements. The instructor created a fun and interactive learning experience that I recommend to anyone who isn't afraid to tap into their creative mindset.

Analyst, Comcast
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When change becomes an opportunity.

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