Jeffrey S. DeMond

Jeffery DeMond

Executive Committee - Past Vice Chair

Founder, Chairman & CEO
Archtop Fiber

Chairman and CEO at Archtop Fiber, a tech-driven company invested in bringing advanced broadband Internet services to underserved communities, empowering day-to-day life.

Talks about #technology, #broadbandinternet, #reliableinternet, #connectivity #fiberbasednetwork, #telecommunications

If Archtop was a band, Jeff would be at the mic. As Chairman and CEO at Archtop Fiber, Jeff oversees company operations and strategies, including the vision, mission and overall business growth. Self-described as a serial company founder and CEO, he is a proven leader in the telecommunications industry and has deep experience and expertise in building and growing successful tech-driven businesses.

Prior to Archtop Fiber, Jeff founded and served as President and CEO of Vyve Broadband, a broadband telecommunications company providing high-speed internet and data services, digital video and voice services to residential and commercial customers across eight states.

Before forming Vyve, Jeff was CEO of Bresnan Communications, a domestic and international broadband and cable television company. During his tenure, he oversaw the acquisition, financing and integration of numerous domestic and international businesses in telephone, publishing and cable television in the United States, Chile and Poland.

Throughout the years, Jeff has served on the boards of NCTA – The Internet & Television Association and C-SPAN, where he continues to serve as a Senior Director and Chair of the Finance Committee. He also serves on the board of The Cable Center (Executive Committee; Chair, Investment Committee; and Bresnan Ethics in Business Award committee). In 2007, he was inducted into the Cable Television Pioneers.

Jeff is a certified public accountant and a business school honors graduate of the University of Alabama where he won various academic awards, as well as the Stan Kenton Outstanding Jazz Soloist award as a member of the University’s all-star jazz ensemble.

Fun Fact: Jeff performed and recorded with a band that had a million-selling record in the 1970s. On top of that, the Archtop company name is a subtle nod to his love for playing jazz guitar.

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