Alan Gerry

2019 Alan Gerry

Chairman & CEO
Granite Associates, Inc.

High school dropout and ex-Marine, Mr. Gerry primary interest was electronics. Following technical school, he began with a TV sales and repair business, and founded and built Liberty Video, later to become Cablevision Industries, Inc. This cable empire became the 8th largest MSO in the United States and was sold to Time Warner in 1996 for approximately $2.8 billion. Mr. Gerry is a cable pioneer, entrepreneur, and a generous philanthropist. His philanthropic giving spans cable, medicine, and the fine arts. A lot of space is given to the fact that Alan Gerry never graduated from high school. He, however, built an incredible cable operation in Cablevision. He justifiably expresses a great deal of pride in the customer service relations, his training of employees, and his relationship with others in the industry. He is a perfectionist with a very quiet, gentle, generous and kind demeanor.

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