John S. Hendricks

jhendricks 2021

Hendricks Investment Holdings, Inc.

It took Hendricks three years and $25 million to bring his vision of documentary programming and innovative specials to American television in the form of the Discovery Channel. John Malone provided the initial funding for Hendricks idea.

Hendricks is obviously a man of great intellect and one who is driven to provide educational, worthwhile viewing to television audiences worldwide. The awards he has been honored with and his involvement in various groups, speak mountains about the kind of person he is and what he deems important in his life and his return to the community.

According to The Industry Standard, Discovery Communications Inc. now earns about $1 billion annually in sales from all activities, and it serves 500 million subscribers in over 150 countries worldwide.

Hendricks continues to be involved in many activities and innovations. His latest two are the founding and co-funding of the Women's United Soccer League, and his involvement as Vice Chairman of the committee to bring the 2012 Olympics to the Washington/Baltimore area.

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