C5 Fall 2022 Conference

Kimberly Gibson
Charles Patti

It finally going to happen! After COVID halted plans for Kim Gibson to host C5 at Sparklight/Cable ONE in spring 2020, Kim and her team are looking forward to welcoming us to Phoenix for C5 Fall 2022, taking place November 9 & 10.

C5 Spring 2022 was a huge success, and we’re all looking forward to another fantastic conference in the fall. The weather will be terrific and we’re already thinking about how to make our next event equally beneficial.

Our Agenda is filled with informative, engaging sessions—built around our C5 Inside-Outside Learning Model, and include the following highlights:

  • Our famous “Egg-Timer” session is back again with reports on their latest CX challenges and/or initiatives from our MSO members.
  • Our three association members (Mickie Calkins, Mark Snow, and Wyatt Barnett) bring us up to date on their respective areas (technology, marketing, and legislation, respectively).
  • Our Fireside Chat session features insights on the impact of CX in today’s marketplace by Mike Bowker, COO and moderated by Kim Gibson, both of Sparklight/Cable ONE.
  • Our “Spotlight On…” session highlights none other than our Host, Sparklight/Cable ONE, featuring Eric Lardy, SVP of Operations & Integration at Cable ONE.
  • We thank Deloitte for bringing us our featured keynote guest speakers: Wenny Katzenstein and Lauren Teegarden.
  • We welcome a new C5 Partner, Qualtrics. Qualtrics and our ongoing Partner, Statflo help us improve CX through their presentation of new use cases.
  • Former C5er and C5 Exec Chair, Andrés Piderit shares the work that he heads up as Head of Client Operations at Element Fleet Management, drawing on powerful data about the evolution of CX and NPS at Element.
  • Our Innovation Showcase session features Rodrigo Duclos, who shares the inside-story about the award-winning My Claro mobile app.
  • We welcome back our newly inducted Emeriti members: Jana Henthorn, Gibbs Jones, Andres Piderit, Rob Stoddard, and Graham Tutton.
  • Your Senior Fellows (Chuck Patti, Ron Rizzuto, and Maria van Dessel) present the results of the C5 2022 Research Project, “The Impact of Network Performance on CX.”
  • The latest changes and efforts to advance the next phase of the Vision 2025 plan at The Cable Center are shared by Diane Christman, President & CEO of The Cable Center.

Of course, we have plenty of time for networking and relationship building—during our meal and break sessions and at our opening evening reception and dinner. Thank you for being a part of the C5 learning journey.


Charles Patti
Chuck Patti
Cox Chair of CX, Senior Fellow, and C5 Lead

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