Why I Joined The Cable Center: Camilla Formica Talks with Diane Christman

camilla formica interview

The Cable Center is thrilled to welcome Camilla Formica, our new Chief Program Officer. President and CEO Diane Christman spoke to Camilla about her new role and why she chose to join our organization.

Diane: What excites you about joining The Cable Center?

Camilla: The Cable Center is an iconic organization known for developing leaders into innovators.

This role offers an unprecedented opportunity to make an impact on our industry’s future leaders. Ingenuity makes our industry special. We constantly reinvent ourselves to deliver what’s next. The Cable Center empowers our industry’s brilliant people to act as intrapreneurs, accelerate innovation, and transform their organizations.

Diane: Why is this the right moment to join The Cable Center?

Camilla: It’s an ideal confluence of timing and vision. The strategic shift underway at The Cable Center excites me. When I learned about the opportunity to lead as Chief Program Officer and work alongside you and our talented team, I knew immediately it was the right fit.

Diane: What energizes you about developing leaders into innovators?

Camilla: Innovation comes from people who have the right skills and confidence to take risks, because they have the support, space, and safety net to experiment and push boundaries. This is key to The Cable Center’s focus on intrapreneurship—and it aligns perfectly with my leadership style.

I’m known as a supportive mentor and relationship builder. I focus on developing long-term partnerships supported by a culture of collaboration and service and I believe in fostering an environment that allows employees to thrive, nurturing each person and their unique talents.

Every professional in our industry can play a role in delivering the future. All of the innovations making headlines—10G, AR, VR, are possible thanks to the brilliance of the people in our industry.

Diane: How does working in the connectivity industry enrich and give you purpose?

Camilla: I am passionate about serving others and helping them achieve more. That’s why I’m honored and excited to support our industry’s big thinkers.

My move to The Cable Center reflects how my 33-year career has evolved along with the content and connectivity industry.

For the last 12 years, I have focused on powering frontline performance at NCTI, offering training for our industry’s essential workers to grow their skills and love their careers. Now, at The Cable Center, I am thrilled to empower leaders—the go getters from our industry who are ready to get more, do more, and build what’s next.

Diane: What is one word you’d use to describe yourself?

Camilla: Persistent! It will serve me well in my new role.

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