A Message from Diane Christman

A Message from Diane Christman

As the year draws to a close, it’s the perfect time to reflect on how our past connects to our future. At The Cable Center, this connection is evergreen and serves as the guiding light for our work and continued evolution with our Vision 2025 Business Plan.

Our mission brings together Head and Heart.

Our Head is the Intrapreneurship Academy—our robust, cutting-edge thought leadership and applied learning programs. This also includes our innovation-focused events and the modern storytelling we do to build a community of big thinkers and change-makers who will carry the industry forward.

We approach our role as stewards of the industry’s legacy with pride and integrity.

This is the Heart of our mission. We understand and appreciate the importance of chronicling the innovations, technological advancements, and stories that are both the foundation of our industry’s past and the inspiration behind its future. We celebrate how our industry has evolved to keep our communities and our world connected.

When we look ahead to our near and longer-term future, both the Head and Heart of what we do figure prominently.

To borrow a metaphor from my dear Grandma—it is the Heart of what we do that supports the Head. It is the Heart that compels us to expand the equipment archives, continue the proud tradition of the Cable Hall of Fame, gather individual stories through our Oral History program, and care for a majestic building that belongs to all of us. The Head—the Intrapreneurship Academy—allows us to come together to exchange ideas and pave the way forward, empowering the next generation to not only prepare for the future, but to design it.

Our mission of Head and Heart is ultimately enabled by you–our people.

Please join us in making an impact. Our important work must continue, and we ask for your financial support. While we are a healthy organization with a robust business plan, your involvement and support are essential to our work, programs, and success. Hand in hand (and with Head and Heart!), together we can create lasting impact.

Thank you all for your continued support. Here’s to 2023!

My warmest regards,


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