From Plug & Pray to Plug & Play

Dr. Rouzbeh Yassini-Fard and Jana Henthorn’s fireside chat during last month’s virtual Cable-Tec Expo sparked our appreciation for the innovations that started it all.

From “plug-and-pray to plug-and-play,” our universe of content and connectivity has come a long way. But one thing that remains unchanged is our industry’s reputation for innovation.

Just as yesterday’s entrepreneurs pioneered the cutting-edge world of cable, it is today’s intrapreneurs who harness this very same process, spirit, agility, and grit to keep innovating and keep our industry moving forward — even under the most challenging of circumstances.

Watch Jana and Rouzbeh’s chat below and hear more about how innovation and our industry’s entrepreneurial roots continue to enable and empower our intrapreneurial future.

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