Bridging Our Entrepreneurial Foundation to an Innovation-Focused Future

Syndeo Institute at The Cable Center

During the past few years, we’ve been charting what’s next to bridge our entrepreneurial foundation to an innovation-focused future. To keep pace with an ever-evolving industry, we introduce Syndeo Institute, a modern discovery, collaboration, and education hub where leaders push the boundaries of connectivity innovation.

In preparation for launch, Diane Christman sat down with Michael Willner, Chair, Board of Directors, Syndeo Institute at The Cable Center, to discuss Syndeo Institute’s responsibility and privilege in honoring the entrepreneurs who created the industry and our expanded focus on developing the workforce of the future.

How does Syndeo Institute support the bridging of our entrepreneurial foundation to an innovative future, and why is it important?

The spirit of innovation is human centric, and happens much the same way today as it did in the past. It starts with a spark, an idea. This is the same way we inspire innovation for the future. Syndeo Institute has courses and programs to educate, develop, and inspire the current and future leaders of our industry. We lever the lessons from the original entrepreneurs to bridge to the future, helping organizations accelerate innovation by learning from those who came before us. It’s how we know we’re doing the right things for the future, and when combined with research, confirms we’re on the right path. Not many other industries can claim this.

Innovation takes very different forms as the world evolves, as technology progresses, and as consumer demand shifts and changes. Today, the industry is made up of a lot fewer companies, with more people, doing advanced innovation. Syndeo Institute was conceived as a new operating brand for the innovative programs that we deliver to support this fast-moving industry, in relation to the physical structure—The Cable Center—where these programs reside, and which will always honor the history of the connectivity industry with its collections and exhibits.

How does the introduction of Syndeo Institute reflect our new vision and mission?

Syndeo Institute brings people together from the industry to solve challenges and plan for what’s to come. We embrace this future-focused role while levering the incredible contributions of the connectivity industry that qualify us as leaders and experts in our field.

Today’s large connectivity, media, entertainment, and technology companies are very supportive of intrapreneurial thinking, and that’s what keeps the industry moving forward. Intrapreneurship Academy is one way we already inspire innovative technology and product experts to think differently about how to improve upon already robust services. The level of advancement is accelerating and the opportunities for business are countless going forward. Syndeo Institute plays a role in helping to communicate across company and industry lines so the public can have access to those technologies in an affordable and attractive way.

We will celebrate 50 years in 2035. How will Syndeo Institute’s impact be measured?

Syndeo Institute’s impact is, and will be, measured by our unique ability to develop new generations of leaders that lead what’s next for the connectivity industry, and beyond. The behaviors, skills, and mindsets we cultivate here are universal and transferrable to any industry that relies on delivering content and connecting people.

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