Intrapreneurship Academy’s Learner-Centric Model Empowers Leaders

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Intrapreneurship Academy’s learner-centric model reshapes the way they approach learning and development of essential skills in a rapidly changing work environment. This approach empowers professionals to take ownership of their development, boost skills, and accelerate career growth.

What is a Learner-Centric Model?

Unlike one-size-fits-all approaches, a learner-centric model recognizes and accommodates the diverse needs and interests of individuals. In their “2022 Workplace Learning and Development Trends Report”, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) noted a substantial portion of employees (31%) seek greater control over their training programs.

Scaling Intrapreneurial Concepts to All Levels of an Organization

Diversified delivery formats provide the ability to scale intrapreneurial concepts across the wider organization. Micro-learning modules offer easily consumable content that breaks down complex topics into smaller, manageable pieces. Learners can choose the content delivery format that best suits their learning style. They can leverage self-paced modules, instructor-led training, or a combination of both. Companies can build a custom learning plan for individuals and teams to facilitate large-scale adoption of intrapreneurial skills.

Supplementing Organization’s Learning Ecosystems

Many organizations rely on internal learning programs. However, partnering with external experts allows organizations to fill in the gaps in their learning and development roadmap. Intrapreneurship Academy’s modular structure enables organizations to incorporate select content pieces that complement their internal programming.

Intrapreneurship Academy’s Delivery Formats

The backbone of this model consists of four topic Tracks: innovation, agility, leadership, and the integration of AI. Each Track is comprised of three Courses, that provide a deep dive into a specific element of intrapreneurship. Learners can engage with the topics through their preferred delivery method:

Courses are instructor-led and consist of three, 105-minute virtual sessions. Offered twice per year, learners can combine Courses across one Track or create a custom journey from the twelve Courses across a variety of Tracks.

Masterclasses are instructor-led, full or half day sessions, focusing on interactive content and plan development. Offered year-round, Masterclasses are available in-person at your location, virtual, or at Syndeo Institute.

Sprints are self-paced, 90-minute online micro-learning experiences featuring key learning concepts from six of our twelve Courses. Sprints are available on demand and provide individuals with relevant, immediately useful information.

Webinars are instructor-led, 60-minute, virtual micro-learning experiences designed to quickly scale concepts across teams.

Integrating a Learner-Centric Model into L&D Initiatives

The shift toward micro-learning is the future of workplace learning and development. Organizations looking to integrate a learner-centric model should assess existing programs and understand the unique needs of its learners.

By focusing on designing personalized learning journeys, implementing micro-learning concepts, and tapping into external experts, organizations will empower leaders to think and act like intrapreneurs. This leads to greater job satisfaction for employees, and cultivates a higher performing workforce.

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