Today’s New Hires Seek Continuous Learning Opportunities

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In a recent Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) survey of human resources (HR) professionals, 77 percent of respondents1 reported having a difficult time hiring over the last year. Some of the top issues included a low number of applicants, competition for talent, and a lack of response from candidates.

One way employers can strengthen retention and attract new candidates is by integrating skills throughout an employee’s lifecycle, beginning with a robust relationship with Learning and Development (L&D) departments. This approach not only enhances skills-based hiring but also ensures that talent mobility and upskilling are embedded within the organizational culture.

One employer interviewed for the SHRM article1, Rodney Smoczyk, the Global Director of Talent Acquisition at a logistics and transportation company, said, “When we’re unable to find the talent that possesses the needed skills externally, we develop programs to help get our current talent to the next level and provide the opportunity for them to grow and stretch their careers. In fact, we’ve filled 67 percent of our roles with internal talent.”

By focusing internally to cultivate existing talent to bridge the skill gaps, companies can leverage in-house resources and strengthen their relationship with employees.

Gen Z, as the future workforce, values growth, transparency, and opportunity, making it crucial for organizations to foster environments that nurture these values through continuous learning and development. Companies looking to recruit and retain Gen Z employees should elevate the role of L&D programs to ensure they are offering professional development opportunities that align with Gen Z’s career goals.

The value of developing employees throughout their careers benefits employers as well. The impact of internal employees is undeniable, as over 70 percent of transformative innovations are conceived, developed, and commercialized by employees working within large companies.2

By fostering intrapreneurship companies and employees have an opportunity to take risks, innovate with confidence, and lead change.

Integrating intrapreneurial concepts throughout an organization blends hard skills and soft skills preparing teams to thrive in a dynamic, changing workplace.

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