John J. Sie

2019 John Sie

Founder and Chairman - Retired
Starz Entertainment Group, LLC

Mr. Sie's education and expertise include electrophysics, aerospace, cable operations, technology and programming. He has used his skills, knowledge and creativity to impact cable programming and technology and lead the industry in HDTV, fiber optics, telco/cable issues and direct broadcast systems (DBS). Sie was the founding Chairman of PrimeStar Partners, cable television industry's DBS entity and most recently, has pioneered Subscription Video-On-Demand or SVOD. Mr. Sie is considered by many to be the discoverer of the multiplex concept. October, 2001 marked the joint venture by John Rigas of Adelphia and John Sie of an inaugural subscription video-on-demand (S-VOD) launch for both companies. Adelphia Digital customers now enjoy the cable industry landmark status as the first commercially deployed launch site of Starz On Demand. Mr. Sie is regarded as a creative, intelligent and confident entrepreneur. Having reached retirement age, John and Anna are beginning to look for ways of improving and ensuring that America's families will have quality television programming. They also are involved financially and personally in educating and improving relations within the Chinese business community.

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