Introducing Syndeo Institute at The Cable Center’s Advisory Council: Championing the Next Generation of Leaders

Syndeo Institute at The Cable Center

May 9, 2024

DENVER — In the face of an evolving business landscape, the demand for visionary leadership and innovative thinking is at an all-time high. Syndeo Institute at The Cable Center is excited to introduce our new Advisory Council, a collective of seasoned industry innovators. Their extensive experience, deep knowledge, and diverse perspectives are set to significantly influence the future direction of Syndeo Institute and impact the cable and connectivity industry.

A New Source of Expertise and Insight

The Syndeo Institute Advisory Council is a select group of action-oriented leaders who bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. Their diverse backgrounds and deep industry knowledge make them invaluable assets as we navigate the ever-changing landscape of business and leadership.

From disruptive technologies to emerging trends, our Advisory Council members are at the forefront of innovation, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Their insights and perspectives will provide invaluable guidance as we strive to create with confidence and find opportunity in change.

Our Advisory Council Members

Led by our esteemed Co-Directors Jill Stark (SVP, Sales at Afiniti) and Marti Moore (Sr. Solutions Engineer, Perficient), our Advisory Council Members include:

  • Janice Arouh, President, Allen Media Group
  • Bob Bartelt, Sr. Director Customer Experience Operations, MidCo
  • Tracy Baumgartner, VP of Business Process Effectiveness – Environmental Sustainability, Comcast
  • Amy Bell, SVP & CMO, WOW!
  • Geoff Brooks, VP of Sales, South Central Region, Alianza
  • Keely Buchanan, Director, Event Experience & Communications, Charter Communications
  • Eric Claytor, SVP, Sales & Marketing, Peakview Solutions
  • Marc Cohen, Chief Revenue Officer, Evolution
  • David Eng, Distinguished Engineer, Comcast
  • Larry Foland, VP, Mid-Tier Operator Relations, Cable Labs
  • Agnes Francis Adolphine, Director of Field Ops-Field Experience, Cox
  • Kim Gibson, Sr. Director of Customer Operations, Cable One/Sparklight
  • Bob Gold, Founder, President, & CEO, Bob Gold & Associates
  • Mike Grebb, SVP & Lead Analyst, One Touch Intelligence
  • Denise Hastings, VP of Human Resources-Field Operations. Mediacom
  • Zenita Henderson, CMO, Segra
  • Jack Latzer, VP, Productivity Solutions, NCTI
  • Maureen Moore, Chief Customer Experience Officer, GCI
  • Barbara Nelms, Director, Technology Standards, Charter Communications
  • Nicholas Nielsen, Fellow & Chief Technical Advisor, Comcast CTS
  • Mike Parker, President, Business Services Altice USA
  • Brad Parobek, Client Partner and Executive Sales Overlay, Cognizant
  • David Pendery, CMO, CSG
  • Stephanie Thibodeau, Director, Distribution Marketing, INSP
  • Lauren Trudeau, VP of Operations, OpenVault
  • Nicole Wininger, Director, Customer Care Ops, Blue Ridge Communications
  • Hanne Wolf, Chief of Staff, Office of People & Communications, Liberty Global
  • Tad Yo, Chief Executive Officer, Ascend Sports and Entertainment

Mission of the Syndeo Institute Advisory Council

The Syndeo Institute Advisory Council represents a group of connected, influential, and engaged industry leaders who are passionate about our industry and its future. Our mission is clear: to accelerate, advocate for, and expand the collective reach and impact of Syndeo Institute’s educational offerings, programs, resources, and events.

How Our Advisory Council Will Contribute

1. Advise

Our Advisory Council members will provide Syndeo Institute with knowledge, guidance, and perspective based on their professional experience and areas of passion. Their insights will help shape our strategic direction and ensure that our offerings remain relevant and impactful.

2. Engage

Members of the Advisory Council will leverage their networks to expand the reach and impact of Syndeo Institute’s programs. By connecting with their peers and industry contacts, they will help us connect with new audiences and make a broader impact within the corporate workforce.

3. Participate

Above all, our Advisory Council members are committed to actively participating in activities, engaging with their peers, and fully immersing themselves in the process. Their dedication and enthusiasm will be instrumental in driving the success of Syndeo Institute and our shared mission.

Together we are ensuring that the next wave of leaders is ready to make a meaningful impact. Syndeo Institute is committed to unlocking potential, inspiring action, and leading the way in developing the visionary leaders of tomorrow.

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Media Contact
Megan Duggan
Primavera Group for Syndeo Institute at The Cable Center

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