Paul Broadhurst

Paul Broadhurst, President, Founder, and Chief Executive, Technetix Group Ltd.

President, Founder, and Chief Executive
Technetix Group Ltd.

Paul Broadhurst is the President, Founder and Chief Executive of Technetix Group Ltd. The company was founded by Paul in 1990, he has since developed extensive global networks within Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia Pacific. Paul is responsible for the strategic development of the company, working closely with his senior management team across the globe to achieve aims and objectives. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering from University of Liverpool, an Master’s degree in Microwave and Optics from University College London, is a Chartered Engineer, a member of the IET (Institute of Engineering and Technology), European Engineer (Eur. Ing.), and a member of the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, USA). He has also been inducted into the class of 2020 Cable TV Pioneers. Paul is a member of the board of the SCTE and chairman of the Technetix Strategic Advisory Board, which was formed in 2019.

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