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Improving customer and employee experience through intrapreneurship, innovation, and shared learning

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C5: About

Syndeo Institute’s Cable Center Customer Centric Consortium (C5) is a unique, invitation-only group focused on progress and innovation in customer experience (CX) in the connectivity industry. C5 members share CX strategies, operations, and leadership to help your organization build and deliver the best possible experience for subscribers and employees.

Syndeo Institute has three Senior Fellows who advise and coordinate all topics related to customer experience, strategic planning, CX-focused research, and the day-to-day strategy and management of C5. C5 is also supported by five Executive Chairs—elected from among C5 member companies and who contribute to the governance and strategy of the Consortium.

Customer experience (CX) is a pivotal element to a company’s success, even more important than product or service offerings. A growing pool of research supports why CX is a key differentiator:


of customers prefer doing business with a company that offers quality customer service over a company that has the latest and most innovative products. (Cisco)


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C5 Member Organizations

Our valued member organizations.

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Member Benefits for C5 Participants

Valuable conferences, an unmatched network, and access to important educational materials.

C5 provides educational, research, and collaborative learning opportunities to its members, including:

  • Attendance at twice-yearly, two-day conferences where members:
    • Exchange best practices with industry business leaders
    • Receive regulatory environment updates
    • Attend presentations from outside-the-industry leaders with new insight
    • Learn the latest CX research, including practical applications
  • Engagement in research projects addressing issues identified by C5 members
  • Participation in idea sharing at industry conferences throughout the year
  • Keeping up to date on CX management thought leadership
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C5 Conferences

Twice a year, we hold our C5 Conferences. They’re an informal, engaging forum for members to discuss challenges and successes and collaborate on ways to improve and innovate in the customer experience space. C5 members support each other, exchanging ideas on both personal and business issues. It becomes a tight-knit, collaborative group who work together to help each other succeed.

Upcoming C5 Conference

Past C5 Conferences

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Senior Fellows

C5 is backed by experience.

Syndeo Institute has three academic chairs within our facility. Senior Fellows—Drs. Charles Patti, Ron Rizzuto, and Maria van Dessel—serve as advisors on all topics related to customer experience, strategic planning, and the day-to-day strategy and management of the C5.

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C5 Executive Chairs

C5 is supported by five Executive Chairs who lead the direction of governance and strategy for the Consortium. They serve three-year, renewable appointments.

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C5 Member Access

C5 Testimonials

Our C5 members have a lot of good things to say.

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"It’s really great to come to an event that’s completely focused on customer care and customer experience, because that’s what really sets us apart in the industry."

- Katherine Gessner

President, MCTV

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“It’s always nice to find out what other folks are doing in the industry, how they’re maximizing their customer care experience, and we really enjoy the camaraderie of learning what other people are doing on a face to face basis.”

- John Gibbs

SVP, Sales & Business Services, Vyve Broadband

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“What I find most valuable about coming to these C5 meetings and this group and all that we collaborate on, is you’re able to gain – I think – in-depth understanding of different parts of the [cable] business.”

- Cory Limbert

VP, Customer Experience, MIDCO

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"I love the information that we get from the research sessions – we learn about what we all are doing around the world, and it’s very helpful…"

- Maureen Moore

Chief Customer Experience Officer, GCI

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“There’s an amazing international exposure – Latin America, Europe, Canada, the North American footprint, even China… C5 is a great place to have a conversation.”

- Andrés Piderit

VP, Customer Service, Planning & Delivery, Rogers Communications

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“I’m able to impart to [the NCTA] the progress that’s being made in this area, the challenges that we still have, and the great opportunity for this great industry to turn the customer experience upside down and make it a true user-friendly industry and opportunity.”

- Rob Stoddard

SVP, Industry & Association Affairs, NCTA

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“It has been great to be part of C5. We learn a lot from each other; we learn a lot from the experience of cable companies from around the world.”

- Simón Tadeo

Customer Experience Director, Telecom Argentina

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“One of the most unique things about C5 is that it’s within industry, and we share best practices very openly, very realistically – and we also challenge one another’s.”

- Graham Tutton

VP, NPS Operations, Comcast

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“Being a small cable operator, it’s fantastic to be around the large guys and the small guys and see that they face the same kinds of problems and challenges that we do.”

- Diane Quennoz

SVP, Marketing & Customer Experience, Vyve Broadband

Contact Us

Contact our C5 team.

For more information or questions about C5, including becoming a member or a C5 Partner:

Contact: Charles Patti, Ph.D.
Phone: 720.212.6971
Email: cpatti@du.edu

Contact: Maria van Dessel, Ph.D.
Phone: 720.891.6652
Email: maria.vandessel@du.edu

Gibbs Jones

C5 Emeritus
Owner (Spartanburg)

ARCpoint Labs

Gibbs is a customer experience executive with over 25 years of customer experience leadership and expertise in the design, optimization and implementation of customer contact operations. Gibbs has combined skill in the human and technology side of customer contact operations, including the procurement and installation of ACD equipment, workforce management and CRM systems. He has directed the start-up of multiple customer contact operations, with industry expertise in consumer electronics, communications, retail, manufacturing, financial services, banking, and direct sales.

Gibbs has over ten years experience in the Cable Industry. Most recently Gibbs was the Senior Vice President of Customer Experience for Suddenlink Communications. Gibbs worked with Suddenlink’s six regional senior vice presidents and the managers of its customer-contact call centers in Arizona, Missouri, North Carolina, Texas and West Virginia to measure and improve Customer Satisfaction through transactional and relationship Net Promoter Programs and JD Power Research Studies.

Gibbs was also responsible for the company’s social media strategy where he made sure Suddenlink was active in the major social networking channels and found new ways to improve customer loyalty in this space.

Currently Gibbs owns two ARCpoint Labs locations. ARCpoint is a leader in the B to C and B to B drug and alcohol testing industry. Additionally, Gibbs has a consulting practice that helps companies improve their customer experience.

Gibbs is a Certified Net Promoter® Associate and has been a speaker at various conferences and is frequently called upon to discuss considerations related to measuring and improving the customer experience, exceptional contact center management, and optimizing the employee experience.


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