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Courses in the Human Innovation in an AI World Track are designed to engage leaders in the possibilities of AI, along with its impact on our professional and personal lives. By better understanding the opportunity AI presents, you can leverage these tools to drive innovation, make sound decisions, pivot quickly, and think critically. • Knowing how to integrate AI into your workflow is a critical skill of today and tomorrow.

The three standalone Courses empower your company’s leaders to cultivate the skills and mindset needed to confidently navigate the changes AI is bringing to your roles. Participants will become AI change champions, able to confidently lead your teams into the future.

of business owners believe AI has the potential to improve customer relationships.
– Forbes

Who Should Take These Courses:

Existing and emerging leaders from any part of the organization.

Your leaders will develop competencies to:

  • Provide a baseline understanding of Artificial Intelligence
  • Develop a toolkit to lead your team through changes
  • Enhance critical thinking in the AI space
  • Influence change by building consensus and building advocates for intrapreneurship using AI
  • Navigate responsible AI principles and its impacts on DEI
  • Mitigate innovation risks by understanding how the technology is used today in the future

Course Details

Three Courses, each comprised of three 105-minute virtual sessions

Course Class Size: Up to 25 individuals

Course Tuition: $1,750 per Course

Introduction to AI

Throughout this Course, we will explore key AI terms, concepts and influencers, as well as the history, present and future of AI development. You will walk away better prepared to talk to AI with your teams and have a foundation to apply AI in your role or maybe in a whole new way – generating new revenue or reducing cost for your company.

2024 Dates

Spring 2024: May 9, May 16, May 24
Fall 2024: Sept. 12, Sept. 19, Sept. 26

Responsible AI, Ethics, DEI, and Generative AI

Responsible AI, Ethics and DEI with application through GenAI will start with an overview of the role of government in the U.S. and globally and end with practical application through Generative AI. Key take aways will include an AI Principles list you can apply personally or within your company.

2024 Dates

Spring 2024: Jun. 6, Jun. 13, Jun. 20
Fall 2024: Oct. 10, Oct. 17, Oct. 24

AI Tools and Practical Applications

AI encompasses thousands of practical applications and is poised to become increasingly integrated into various aspects of our lives in the coming months and years. Explore Generative AI today in a hands-on approach while also discussing the impacts AI has on our business and personal lives.

2024 Dates

Spring 2024: Jul. 11, Jul. 18, Jul. 24
Fall 2024: Nov. 7, Nov. 14, Nov. 21

Meet MacKenzie Roebuck-Walsh

Human Innovation in an AI World Course Leader
  • MacKenzie is Principal Sales Executive for IntentHQ, an AI Martech and Adtech company, ranking as one of Europe’s top 1,000 fastest growing companies and a top employer for Women in Technology
  • Driven to create and implement innovative strategies for company growth
  • Leadership extends to culture development where she is known for improving both the employee and customer experience
  • MacKenzie also sits on the board of Mountain Mamas and regularly volunteers in her community
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Driving Innovation defined intrapreneurship with concepts and assignments that students could immediately put into practice. Exploring and cultivating new ways to add value is just as valuable as inventing itself.

Product Management Lead, Charter
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Intrapreneurship Academy helped me to better assess the problems I’m trying to solve. I now have the tools to ensure my solutions are creative, useful, and actionable. The class was an enjoyable experience. I always looked forward to the Driving Innovation remote classroom.

Senior Director, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Crown Media
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The tools that you learn through this Course drastically changed my approach to innovation.

Software & Platform Engineer, Comcast
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