Robert J. Lewis

Robert Lewis 2021

Owner & Manager
Lewis Enterprises, L.L.C.

Present positions: Named to his present position in March, 1997 when his predecessor, Leo Hindery, was named President of Telecommunications, Inc.; member, board of directors, Online Systems Services; and member, board of directors, The National Cable Television Center and Museum. Previously: Retired from TCI Oct. 1, 1995 after serving as senior as vice president of corporate development from 1987-93, and senior advisor from 1993 to 1995, prior to his retirement. He joined TCI in 1987 to handle system acquisitions and mergers. Lewis started his career as a system manager in 1958 with Vumore Company (which later became Cablecom- General), operated by cable pioneer Larry Boggs. Lewis was the first district manager (1961) and regional vice president, responsible for 20 systems in Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas. He was named executive vice president then president and a director in 1971 when he moved to Denver. Lewis was named president, COO and director of Jones Intercable in 1976; began Lewis Communications in 1984; became president of Televents Group in 1985 and negotiated the sale of Televents to Western Tele-Communications, Inc. in 1986. Professional Associations: Member, board of directors, Cable in the Classroom. Professional Accomplishments: Lewis is recognized as a pioneer in the cable television industry, first helping the fledgling Vumore Company grow and serving as president of Jones Intercable when the company grew from 10,000 to 400,000 subscribers. He was responsible for negotiating the purchase of numerous cable systems which accounted for the company's rapid growth. At TCI, he negotiated acquisitions and mergers involving over three million cable subscribers.

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