Introducing Syndeo Institute, A Modern Hub for Discovery, Education, and Collaboration

Syndeo Institute at The Cable Center

Syndeo Institute serves as The Cable Center’s operating brand signifying a sharpened focus on workforce development, intrapreneurship, and innovation

March 16, 2023

DENVER — Today, The Cable Center revealed its new contemporary operating brand, Syndeo Institute, that will serve as a modern discovery, education, and collaboration hub for the ever-changing connectivity, media, entertainment, and technology industries. Born from the organization’s Vision 2025 strategic plan and industry research, Syndeo Institute will drive a valuable array of intrapreneurship and innovation programs, collaboration events, and thought leadership to support workforce development.

The Cable Center will continue to exist as a place to honor industry achievements and champion the legacy of original industry innovators through a vast collection of historical assets, memorabilia, and oral histories. Combined, Syndeo Institute at The Cable Center enables the organization to bridge an entrepreneurial foundation to an innovation-focused future.

Connecting to Our Future

Syndeo is the Greek translation of the word connect and the new brand is an extension of what the organization does to create a spark between people and ideas. Syndeo Institute’s visual identity, a mosaic intersection icon, articulates what brings those connection points to life.

Diane Christman, president and CEO of Syndeo Institute at The Cable Center, says, “During the past few years, we’ve been charting what’s next to bridge our incredible entrepreneurial foundation to an innovation-focused future. We take that major step with the introduction of Syndeo Institute, where leaders come together to solve challenges for the future and push the boundaries of connectivity innovation. Here, we educate and motivate the next generation to become innovators from the inside.”
The introduction of Syndeo Institute at The Cable Center is more than a name change, it symbolizes a distinct expansion to future-focused programs, while continuing to embrace its rich history. Syndeo Institute brings leaders together—in person, online, and within organizations—to exchange ideas, share resources, and build top performers who will keep organizations and industry on the front lines of innovation.

Michael Willner, chair and CEO of Penthera Partners and chair of Syndeo Institute at The Cable Center Board of Directors, says, “The Cable Center was created by the true innovators of their generation. Today, the industry is made up of a lot fewer companies, with more people, doing a lot more technologically advanced innovation. Syndeo Institute was conceived as a naming opportunity for the innovative programs that we deliver to support a fast-moving industry, in relation to the physical structure of The Cable Center where these programs reside, and which will always honor the history of the connectivity industry with its collections and exhibits.”

Bridget Baker, CEO of Baker Media and member of Syndeo Institute at The Cable Center Board of Directors, who co-chaired the organization’s strategic five-year plan to position itself as an industry authority on intrapreneurship and innovation, says, “Under the banner of Syndeo Institute is a new framework, one that embodies our focus on change, connection, and collaboration, alongside the innovators and entrepreneurs who built our industry.”

Intrapreneurship and Innovation Focus for Workforce Development

With this sharpened focus, Syndeo Institute will accelerate expansion of workforce development programs to address critical needs of the C-Suite and HR leaders: employee retention, intrapreneurship to accelerate innovation, and talent pipeline development. From collaborative leadership and intrapreneurship courses to events, Syndeo Institute creates an environment to develop, engage, and retain high potential employees—those committed to growth, highly-driven, influential, smart, invested, and curious learners.

“Ongoing engagement with our Intrapreneurship Academy participants and graduates, market intelligence, and conversations with our deep industry connections reveal a critical need to develop talent in meaningful ways that support retention and business growth,” says Christman. “Engaged, motivated, and inspired employees stay longer, advance technology to maintain a competitive edge, and contribute value for their organizations.”

Syndeo Institute recently surveyed HR professionals in the connectivity and technology sector who create the incentives, infrastructure, programs, and engagement for talent pipeline development to understand the impact of a tight job market on retention.

  • Seventy percent of respondents are concerned about losing employees due to a lack of investment in professional training or career planning.
  • Nearly half of respondents recognize that employee satisfaction is tied to the ability to make a measurable contribution to the organization.
  • In a competitive workforce market, benefits, perks, and salaries are only part of the retention equation. Successful people leaders present their employees with opportunities for continuous learning, place them on hot projects, and offer leadership development pathways.

Building on the Activation of Vison 2025

With the introduction of Syndeo Institute, the organization transitions to a fully integrated structure that creates a powerful array of programs, thought leadership, and events to support intrapreneurship and innovation:

  • Inspiring thought leadership collective, a digital space for a spirited, safe exchange at the intersection of innovation and ideas.
  • Syndeo Institute Symposium, an annual event where leaders learn from each other to advance innovation, and foster and enhance relationships to strengthen our industry.
  • Reinvention of training modalities within Syndeo Institute’s Intrapreneurship Academy, celebrating five years of cultivating the skills, capabilities, and mindsets that allow employees to become strong intrapreneurial leaders. More than 300 industry changemakers from 40 global connectivity and content organizations are disrupting with confidence after graduation.
  • Evolution of the anticipated annual Intrapreneurship & Innovation Report, dedicated this year to the intersections and impact that advance innovation, launching March 23, 2023.

The reimagined Syndeo Institute website brings to life its mission to enable and inspire a new generation of industry innovators, and creates a path to participation, impact, and contribution. Discover more at

About Syndeo Institute at The Cable Center

Syndeo Institute at The Cable Center is a modern hub for leadership development, education, and collaboration. Here, leaders come together—in person, online, and within organizations—to exchange ideas and advance innovation. An educational nonprofit based in Denver, Colorado, Syndeo Institute is home to Intrapreneurship Academy, a series of intensive leadership and innovation courses for connectivity, media, entertainment, and technology industry standouts. Syndeo Institute celebrates the contributions of industry trailblazers through the Cable Hall of Fame and Barco Library––the world’s largest collection of industry archives, historical objects, and oral histories. Visit for more information.


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