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Robert J. Miron - 2011 Ethics in Business Honoree

Robert J. Miron

Chairman and CEO
Advance/Newhouse Communications

We are pleased to be assuming oversight of the day-to-day management of these fine cable systems. With their strong management teams and dedicated employees, we look forward to providing our customers a great video and data experience and a very high level of customer service and support. At the same time, our customers will benefit from the continued cable partnership with Time Warner Cable through the rollout of multiple ISPs, video-on-demand and other advanced services.

Robert J. Miron

Bob Miron is an example of quiet but effective leadership, often working behind the scenes. Beginning his career at Advance/Newhouse right after college, his fresh vision and forward thinking left a legacy on the industry. He solidified the multi-system operator (MSO) group that backed Discovery Channel founder John Hendricks and marshaled in the microwave system that allowed HBO to develop in pre-satellite days. As two-time NCTA chairman, Miron was committed to responsible programming and took the lead on the TV ratings system, funding C-SPAN and providing leadership through Cable in the Classroom and the High-Speed Education Connection.

Miron was a board member as well as chairman of the NCTA during the difficult years preceding the passage of the 1992 Cable Act and was an advocate of moderation in rate hikes and aggressiveness in customer service standards that played a major role in improving the industry’s public image. He has also contributed his talents and experiences to many industry organizations, including the Walter Kaitz Foundation and Cable in the Classroom and has been active in a number of charitable organizations. Miron added to his record of industry service by becoming the first industry leader to be elected to two non-consecutive terms as chairman of the Board of Directors of NCTA.

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