Intrapreneurship Academy Bolsters Expertise to Empower a New Workforce of Intrapreneurs

Melissa Schneider and Kristin Crockett join Intrapreneurship Academy as course facilitators

Industry experts Melissa Schneider and Kristin Crockett join Intrapreneurship Academy as course facilitators who cultivate the skills, capabilities, and mindsets that allow employees to become strong intrapreneurial leaders

January 19, 2023

DENVER — Intrapreneurship Academy today announced the strengthening of its roster with the addition of two course facilitators for 2023. Melissa Schneider will teach new and established leaders the value of adaptability through Leading with Agility, while Kristin Crockett will help high-performing leaders develop their intrapreneurial instincts via Driving Innovation.

Designed for connectivity and content industry standouts, Intrapreneurship Academy is a series of intensive leadership and innovation courses that teach them to cultivate their leadership capabilities to become the change-makers and risk-takers who will usher their organizations into the future.

“Our facilitators are at the top of their game, teaching go-getters to be intrapreneurs through immersive courses and programs. Melissa and Kristin bring decades of connectivity and content industry experience that will complement the concepts we teach here along with people-centric approaches that will elevate the experience of our global network of intrapreneurs,” said The Cable Center Chief Program Officer Camilla Formica.

Melissa Schneider, Leading with Agility Course Facilitator

Melissa Schneider, Leading With Agility Course FacilitatorMelissa Schneider, a talented speaker, and impactful communications and development coach, facilitates Leading with Agility, a highly interactive course that empowers leaders to adapt, innovate, and thrive, demonstrating agility in times of ongoing change.

She is a former HBO sales executive with more than 20 years of nonprofit, corporate, and media experience. Her dedication to helping individuals and teams find authentic voices, elevate productivity, and improve business outcomes through effective and confident communication will be an asset to Intrapreneurship Academy participants.

“Intrapraneurship Academy programming invests in the most valuable element of any company strategy: mindful, agile leaders, who guide cohesive teams, decisively manage change, and elevate performance. I thrive on connecting people to ideas and to one another. I am excited to partner with Intrapraneurship Academy to deliver an excellent learning experience to help emerging leaders influence culture, realize their individual potential, and contribute meaningfully to the success of their organizations.” – Leading with Agility Course Facilitator Melissa Schneider, Intrapreneurship Academy.

Kristin Crockett, Driving Innovation Course Facilitator

Kristin Crockett, Driving Innovation Course FacilitatorKristin Crockett, a people experience and organizational development executive facilitates Driving Innovation, a hands-on course that equips high performers with the framework and mindset to drive continuous improvement and innovation.

She previously led learning engagement at Comcast. Intrapreneurship Academy participants will benefit from her experience as a facilitator of innovative, results-based performance improvement, team effectiveness, customer approval, and sales enablement strategies to support innovation from inside. An inclusion, equity, and belonging learning professional, she creates thriving employee cultures via onboarding programs, learning journeys, and progression.

“Now more than ever, individuals want to feel valued and be recognized for their outcome-based contributions and performance. I’m thrilled to be part of an experience that grows leaders to deliver results through innovation, influence, and change acceleration. Intrapreneurship Academy is an investment in people that directly impacts an organization’s customer, community, and business experience.” – Driving Innovation Course Facilitator Kristin Crockett, Intrapreneurship Academy.

Innovators Making Global Impact

The 2023 Intrapreneurship Academy panel of Denver-based, industry-experienced facilitators includes connectivity and content executive, Susie Tomenchok. The author, coach, and negotiation expert leads Intrapreneurial Leadership, a course where rising leaders get the skills to move into the next levels of management while exhibiting effective, confident leadership.

Leading with Agility, Driving Innovation, and Intrapreneurial Leadership are eight-week virtual courses designed to activate leadership from managers to senior directors and vice presidents. To register for classes, or reserve course seats, visit

Celebrating five years of innovation, Intrapreneurship Academy has graduated more than 400 industry leaders from 40 global connectivity and content organizations who create value within their organizations, disrupt with confidence, and find opportunity in change.

About Intrapreneurship Academy

The Cable Center is an educational nonprofit serving the connectivity industry that advances future innovation by helping organizations develop connectivity innovators from within. Through our Intrapreneurship Academy, we enable companies to drive business growth by channeling the entrepreneurial drive of their greatest source of inspiration—their people. Our programs, expertise, and opportunity instill the leadership of our industry’s original innovators to empower a new generation of bold thinkers. Based in Denver, Colorado, The Cable Center is also the home of the Cable Hall of Fame, recognizing individuals for their outstanding contributions to the industry’s progress; and the Barco Library, the world’s largest collection of cable-related information and resources. Visit for more information.

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