Intrapreneurship Academy Center Launches New Course on Power Skills for Rising Leaders

Intrapreneurial Leadership with Susie Tomenchok, Developer & Instructor

In Intrapreneurial Leadership, entrepreneur and coach Susie Tomenchok teaches the behaviors and mindsets shared by effective leaders

August 23, 2022

DENVER — Intrapreneurship Academy today announced the launch of its new course, Intrapreneurial Leadership, developed and facilitated by Susie Tomenchok. The connectivity and content executive, author, coach, and negotiation expert prepares employees for future leadership roles by strengthening the behaviors and mindsets—power skills—executives seek.

“Executives need to engage employees and grow their up-and-coming leaders. We designed a course that does that—we build skills that future-proof businesses and support employee retention,” said Diane Christman, president and CEO of Intrapreneurship Academy. “Intrapreneurship Academy is built around the belief that employees who act as entrepreneurs within their organizations will provide outsized organizational value.”

The most effective intrapreneurs share capabilities that go beyond competencies in their areas of expertise. These mindsets and skills, applicable across all roles, set intrapreneurs apart from their peers. The Intrapreneurial Leadership course, developed and facilitated by Tomenchok, fills a need in the connectivity and content industry to prepare rising leaders with the right skills to move into upper management.

“Executives assume their employees have what are traditionally called ‘soft skills.’ When employees lack these critical skills, there’s a misalignment that we can address,” said Susie Tomenchok, Developer and Facilitator of Intrapreneurial Leadership. “These skills are teachable, and they make a difference—they build self-awareness, interpersonal savvy, and influence, allowing employees to advance within their organizations.”

Through Intrapreneurial Leadership, leaders develop the competencies to:

  • Exhibit strengths-based leadership
  • Clarify vision, values, and purpose
  • Manage professional brands and outward perceptions
  • Self-advocate
  • Navigate corporate dynamics and manage up
  • Incorporate feedback—both giving and receiving

A connectivity industry veteran and former executive at a large corporation, Tomenchok understands what skills executives seek in their emerging leaders and how to develop them. She is a certified coach, a successful entrepreneur, and the author of The Art of Everyday Negotiation without Manipulation.

In addition to Intrapreneurial Leadership, Intrapreneurship Academy empowers leaders with dynamic professional development courses, each designed to strengthen core competencies shared by successful intrapreneurs: Driving Innovation, Leading with Agility, and Leading with Agility: Executive Intensive. More than 300 industry leaders from 40 global connectivity and content organizations are disrupting with confidence after graduation from Intrapreneurship Academy.

The eight-week virtual course will kick off on October 3, 2022. The highly engaging, content-rich format includes:

  • 2.5-hour kickoff session
  • Six one-hour sessions
  • 2.5-hour capstone session

Course size is limited to 25 people to maximize engagement. Additional classes will be offered in 2023. To learn more about Intrapreneurship Academy and reserve course seats, visit

About The Cable Center

The Cable Center is an educational nonprofit serving the connectivity industry that advances future innovation by helping organizations develop connectivity innovators from within. Through our Intrapreneurship Academy, we enable companies to drive business growth by channeling the entrepreneurial drive of their greatest source of inspiration—their people. Our programs, expertise, and opportunity instill the leadership of our industry’s original innovators to empower a new generation of bold thinkers. Based in Denver, Colorado, The Cable Center is also the home of the Cable Hall of Fame, recognizing individuals for their outstanding contributions to the industry’s progress; and the Barco Library, the world’s largest collection of cable-related information and resources. Visit for more information.

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